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Key figures 2022

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Breakdown by type of partnerships in progress in 2022 by partner type

Breakdown of partnerships in progress in 2022 by sector

Our research & our innovation

The Guest LIST: opinion pieces from our partners

Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR)

The advantage of working with a partner like LIST is that the approach is different because a research partner, unlike a supplier, is interested in long term results and their main motivation is not making commercial benefit. This relieves a little bit of a pressure on our side. And due to the fact that there’s a large variety of specialists at LIST, we have access to people with different views within our domain, this makes for a very interesting collaboration.

Fréderic-Michael FOETELER
Engineer, Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR)


Circuit Foil

LIST plays a major role for Circuit Foil. Firstly, LIST’s technical expertise and state-of-the-art research equipment provide an important advantage. The second aspect is the fundamental research carried out there, which Circuit Foil could not undertake due to a lack of time, staff and skills.

Julie Mouzon,
R&D Director, Circuit Foil

Compagnie Luxembourgeoise d’Entreprises (CLE)

We set up a collaboration with LIST to deploy an innovative idea, to make it operational so that it works, to turn it into a real experiment. We also needed to understand in advance the data that would need to be collected so that our trial, our experiment, would ultimately serve as a good prototype. LIST provided us with all this: this operational structure with a scientific and research mindset. LIST paved the way for us in the end

Omar Maatar,
Innovation director, Compagnie Luxembourgeoise d’Entreprises (CLE)

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Diversity & Inclusion

At LIST, we make our diversity a strength. In 2022, we participated in the Positive Actions programme of the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men (MEGA).

LIST, Luxinnovation and Widong launched a poster campaign as part of national diversity day. For the second consecutive year, LIST was an official sponsor of Pride Week, celebrating LGBTIQ+ in Luxembourg.

Finally, we continued our joint work with other Luxembourg research institutes, the FNR and the University of Luxembourg to improve the professional situation of female researchers in Luxembourg.

LIST TechDay 2022

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